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Nephrology Associates of Dayton offers comprehensive renal care to patients with kidney disease, hypertension, organ transplants and complicated metabolic disorders. Nephrology Associates treats its patients and their families with warmth, respect and compassion. We uphold our patients’ dignity as we provide them with optimal care. Our physicians are board certified and located in three office locations in the Greater Dayton area.

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Nephrology Associates of Dayton

We take a multifaceted approach to the care of patients with kidney disease. We work to identify the underlying cause of your kidney problem and its progression. Using state of the art, as well as having access to cutting edge therapies, we then establish a treatment plan that optimizes your kidney care. We monitor for complications associated with kidney failure such as anemia and hypertension. If progressive kidney disease is still anticipated, we begin early planning for dialysis as well as evaluation for possible kidney transplant.

About Nephrology Associates of Dayton

We are very proud of our expert medical staff and we work hard to give our patients excellent care.

Who We Are

We are medical doctors who specialize in kidney (renal) disease and hypertension (high blood pressure). Some common conditions treated include chronic kidney disease (CKD), dialysis, post kidney transplant management, kidney stones, hypertension, edema (swelling) and electrolyte disorders

What We Do

The clinic, focuses on early identification and risk stratification of CKD patients and their associated illnesses (comorbidities), early intervention to treat these comorbidities, and if necessary, preparation for dialysis and/or renal transplantation in a timely fashion to prevent complications.

Where We Work

As we are a Nephrology practice in the greater Dayton area, we have offices in Centerville, Huber Heights, and Eaton. We also provide care at the various hospitals and medical facilities in the area. Contact us and schedule an appointment at one of our three accessible locations.

Our Providers

Our medical team will provide you with professional care and keep your informed on your treatment options.

Our Nurse Practitioners